Sunday, July 19, 2009

Socialism Vs. Capitalism

Socialism Vs. Capitalism
By Lash LeRoux

Ronald Reagan noted in 1979, “It isn’t unfair to say that today the world is divided between those who believe in the free market place and those who believe in government control and ownership of the economy.” America now finds itself governed by a presidential administration that fundamentally believes government control is necessary to maintain a strong economy and is the bedrock of effecting their idea of social justice. And by social justice they mean the absolute right of every person to enjoy the same quality of life and standard of living despite their individual contribution to society. The trouble with this unrealistic ideology is that it suffocates the ambitions of those who dare to dream and achieve, while rewarding the most indolent among us.

What incentive is there to contribute to a society that confiscates the fruits of your labor in order to meet the needs of non-contributors? You see, government can not succeed in controlling the economy without controlling the producers in the economy. Therein lies the erosion of individual liberty. If we surrender our individual freedom for what government deems is the “greater good”, we will have lost the heart of the American Spirit: Liberty. True, liberty does not guarantee that your wants and needs will always be met. However, liberty does guarantee your right to pursue your dreams. And should you, in that pursuit, find wealth and prosperity, you do so knowing your success is the result of hard work and self sacrifice.

Socialism knows no such reward for personal financial risk. The question we must ask ourselves is: do we wish to bequeath to our children an America of guaranteed mediocrity or an America of extraordinary opportunity?

July 17, 2009


  1. Just a quick rundown of socialist activity in the U.S.: Welfare, minimum wage, Civil Rights Act, social security, government bailouts, proposed "universal" healthcare, and so on, and so on. If you support the federal government in these actions, you are a socialist, plain and simple. Quit denying it. You cannot believe in free market and socialism, they CANNOT overlap.

    People need to either acknowledge the Constitution as the supreme law of the land, or admit that they're socialists and amend the Constitution or scrap it.